Clayz is going to release the Hasegawa Kotori ( 長谷川小鳥 ) 1/6 PVC figure form the original series Berry’s ( ベリーズ ) designed by Suzuhira Hiro ( 鈴平ひろ ). Will be released in July 2010. 7,000 yen.

You can order her here

It’s the original series(doujin) written by Suzuhira Hiro, the character designer for “Shuffle!” along with Nishimata Aoi. There isn’t many informatin about this series “Berry’s” on the net. All I could find were handful of drama CDs available on I’m not a big fan of Suzuhira Hiro but I like a lot of people like her works. 7,000 yen sounds like a good deal for a 1/6 PVC figure like this. But it is Clayz, don’t expect you will get some high quality work like Alter or Megahouse.