After the nomination, here is the final 10 for the BeFA 2014 January! You can go to the official BeFA 2014 website HERE and vote for your favorite figures of January. The vote will be ended on February 23, 2014 and the result will be announced a week after.

**Vote for your favorite figures HERE @ BeFA 2014!**

You can vote multiple times with the same name or email but the system will only count your first attempt. There is a section called “Favorite Website of Figures”. It would be great if you can select Nekomagic! XD

To answer some of your questions in the nomination post. There are some guidelines for us to pick our nominee:

  • It has to be PVC figure (no GK, polystone, plastic model, trading figure. Not sure about action figure tho)
  • Characters from manga/anime/game (no US comic characters)
  • Pre-order has to be started in January (no WonFes exclusive figures)

With those guidelines above, there were only around 80 figures for me to pick in January 2014.

  • Around 1/4 of them were action figures like Nendoroid, figma, S.H.Figuarts which I won’t consider.
  • In the rest of 3/4, there were around 10 Beach Queens
  • A few re-released figures
  • Around 5+ really hardcore 18+ figures which I didn’t consider either.

There were only around 40 or so left. Out of those 40, almost half of them were from the low quality or small manufacturers like Toy’s work, Kaitendoh, and FREEing. So there were only around 20 figures left and I picked 14 for you guys to vote.

If you still have question about my taste and still think those 14 didn’t deserve to be in the competition. You can try to make your own top 10 list. I bet over half of the figures in your list will be the same as mine. =/