OrchidSeed is going to release the Kai Harn 1/6 garage kit from the manga “Bastard!! Destructive God of Darkness” (バスタード!! 暗黒の破壊神 ) by Hagiwara Kazushi. Will be released in June 2008. Around 240mm tall, 9,500 yen. Figure is NOT painted. Only 50 pieces will be manufactured.

Bastard!! was really popular when I was a kid. I read the first two volumes of Bastard!! manga but didn’t really like it (I still have those two volumes on my bookshelf).There was a 6 episodes OVA released in 1992 but I never watched it. I think this manga is still very popular in Japan now. Why? Coz they even have the online game for it. So I guess it’s my problem that don’t like this manga, haha. =P

I don’t know if it’s my problem (again!!!) or what. This G.K. just popped up out of nowhere when I went to check the OrchidSeed today. It’s going to be released this month so the news should be out couple months ago and I missed it. So I guess Bastard!! is really have something against me. XD

Oh, btw, this G.K. is castoffable, but I couldn’t find and cast off pic.

Official Bastard!! online homepage

Official Hagiwara Kazushi homepage