Volks Turn A-brand is going to release the Kirishima Rain ( 桐島レイン ) 1/8 resin cast GK from the eroge series “Baldr Sky Dive1” ( バルドスカイ ) developed by Baldrhead from GIGA. Will be released on October 26th, 2009, 12,000 yen. Will only be sold at Volks Web Site Store. Kit is not painted nor assembled.

By watching the demo movie alone, it’s really hard to imagine that this Baldr Sky Dive1 game is an eroge. Anyway, here comes two very nice GK from Volks. They are Kirishima Rain and Minaduki Sora. I know a lot of people hate Volks because all of their ncie figures are GK, and even they have the PVC figure version, Volks will screw up all the final products. Lucky I’m not into Baldr Sky at all but their previous GK series from “La campanella della benedizione” really makes me drool. =9

Download this wallpaper here (1600×1200)

Baldr Sky Dive1 trailer 1

Official Baldr Sky homepage (18+)

via Volks Turn A-brand