Gift is going to release the Bakemonogatari Plush Series 01 Senjougahara Hitagi ( 戦場ヶ原ひたぎ ) plush from the light novel/anime “Bakemonogatari” ( 化物語 ). Will be released in May 2011. Around 200mm tall, 2,800 yen.

Senjougahara Hitagi (left), Araragi Koyomi (right)

Today we have two Bakemonogatari plushies news from Gift! They’re the tsundere-chan Senjougahara Hitagi and the main character Araragi Koyomi. I like the Bakemonogatari series a lot. I like most of the characters and I really hope that Gift will release the other characters like Shinobu, Mayoi, and Hanekawa (with cat ears please!). =D

I just finished the latest Bakemonogatari light novel “Kabukimonogatari” couple days ago ||| Spoiler —->||| and found that the subtitle is so misleading! The subtitle of “Kabukimonogatari” is “Mayoi Kyonshi (Zombie)”. Mayoi actually said “the story between Araragi and I is in the next light novel” in the previous volume and I was expected that the story was gonna be mainly focusing on Mayoi. But it was so wrong! The story is all about Araragi and Shinobu and the end of the world!!! X( ||| <—- Spoiler |||

——Description from Manufacturer——

The Bakemonogatari characters are getting their own plushie series!

Both Hitagi Senjougahara and Koyomi Araragi from the anime ‘Bakemonogatari’ are becoming adorable little plushies to keep by your side! The plushies capture their most common expressions perfectly, and Hitagi even comes with a removable plushie stapler for her to hold!

There are also plans to make plushies of other Bakemonogatari characters, so watch out for them as well!

**Araragi Koyomi sold separately**

Bakemonogatari OP Stable Staple