Gift is going to release the Bakemonogatari Plush Series 10 Hanekawa Tsubasa ( 羽川 翼 ) plush from the light novel/anime “Bakemonogatari” ( 化物語 ). Will be released in December 2011 January 2012. Around 200mm tall, 2,858 yen.

Araragi Koyomi, Senjougahara Hitagi, Hachikuji Mayoi, Kanbaru Suruga, Araragi Karen

Araragi Tsukihi, Oshino Shinobu, Oshino Meme, Sengoku Nadeko, Hanekawa Tsubasa

Here come Sengoku Nadeko the snake and Hanekawa Tsubasa the cat! Unless they’re going to release Black Hanekawa or the Rainy Devil, otherwise these should be the whole crew of Bakemonogatari! But I don’t think Gift will stop here. I think they will release Heart Under Blade after the Kizumonogatari movie and some new characters after Nisemonogatari. =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

The last two girls in the Bakemonogatari Plushie series!

The 5th set of plushies from the Bakemonogatari plushie set are here – this time featuring Nadeko Sengoku and Tsubasa Hanekawa as cute plushies to join the collection! Both Nadeko’s trademark hat and Tsubasa’s cat hair accessories have all been shrunk down into huggable plushie size!

Grab them both and then display them with all the previously released characters!

**Sengoku Nadeko sold separately**

**Sengoku Nadeko sold separately**

Kizumonogatari PV