Toranoana is going to release the Hideyoshi Summoned Being & strap ( 秀吉召喚獣とストラップ ), Mizuki Summoned Being & strap ( 瑞希喚召獣とストラップ ), Kirishima Summoned Being & strap ( 翔子召喚獣とストラップ ), Minami Summoned Being & strap ( 美波召喚獣とストラップ ), Miharu Summoned Being & strap ( 美春召喚獣とストラップ ) PVC figure straps from the light novel/anime “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu” ( バカとテストと召喚獣 ). Will be released in June 2010, 1,050 yen (taxed in) each.

These Summoned Beings are soooooo cute and I love them all! Toranoana didn’t say what size they are. From the look of them and since they’re cellphone straps, I think they’re just around 40-50mm tall. Yea it’s kinda expensive for a small straps like these. (-_____-.

Btw, how do you guys call these “Shoukanjuu” in English? I used to called them “Summoned Beasts”, and I know some people prefer “Smmoned Brings”. In the Funimation site, they call just them “Avatars”. How do you call them?

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  • Kinoshita Hideyoshi ( 木下 秀吉 )

  • Himeji Mizuki ( 姫路 瑞希 )

  • Kirishima Shoko ( 霧島 翔子 )

  • Shimada Minami ( 島田 美波 )

  • Shimizu Miharu ( 清水 美春 )

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu ED2