B’full is going to re-release the Ayanami Kai ( 綾波改 ) 1/7 PVC figure from the Chinese mobile game “Azur Lane” ( アズールレーン ) developed by Shanghai Manjuu & Xiamen Yongshi. Will be re-released in late July 2020. Around 220mm tall, 15,800 yen.

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No, B’full is not a new figure manufacturer. B’full is the mother company of Pulchra, Fots Japan, Insight, FIGUREX, and few others. Now they decided to put Pulchra and Fots Japan together under the name "B’full". Pulchra will become "B’full". And Fots Japan will become "B’full -Fots Japan-" (I’ll just keep calling it Fots Japan). Looks like PVC figures will go under B’full, and the 3D printing PMMA(PVC-L) figures will keep under Fots Japan.