I’m trying to move server AGAIN in the next few hours. Just want to let you know that everything you do during this time period, such as leave comment, edit profile, and register, will be lost during the moving period. Sorry for the inconvenience. DONE!!!!

August 16, 2010: Moved to a server now!

If you really need to tell me something, just email me or leave me a message in my facebook. Now let’s pray for the snail together!!!

Btw, I disabled the register function for the time being and please stop email me about password! I’ll ignore all the password related email in this moving period. Please just be patient and wait for me to re-open the registration in 1-2 days.

Update (Aug 16, 2010): Moved to a new server now! Please head over to https://www.nekomagic.com for our new home. The .com will be moving in a few days! =D