I was too busy for other stuff so didn’t post news update for ages. Here are some updates since June.

Some update:

  • Email Subscription just added today! (at the left side panel)
  • Browse by Series” and “Browse by Manufactures” were added since last news update. (at the right side panel)
  • Since I upgraded this blog to version 2.6, a lot of bugs appear (e.g. the lower right side panel will disappear from time to time). Needed to fix it.
  • Going to redesign the theme/layout since the version 2.6 doesn’t seems like my current theme/layout
  • Going to add a figure store!!! =D Well, not really my store, it’s just some affiliate store
  • Some figure websites asked me for link-exchange but I refused them all. I want to keep this site clean unless they want to pay me for the link. =P
  • I got laid off from my job!!! My last day will be September 30. Need to look for another job now. ='(
  • If you want to support this site, you can click on any of those google banners. Just once a day is really good enough. =D

Now here are my figure collection update. Didn’t really buy much figure in these couple months ( but I pre-ordered a lot tho). And finally have some time to un-box couple figures. =P

Only got couple figures in these couple months since last time I posted.

Haruhi and Nagato LiveAlive figure set. But the face of Haruhi is really weird… (-_______-.

Revoltech Toro from my friend Walter! Thank you Walter~! XD
And Mai from Kanon, a really not so nice figure. This story taugh me not to buy cheapo-on-sale-no-one-wants-figure. =/

“He is my master” figures. Always remember to pre-order figures guys. This set was sold out everywhere in 2 days.

Haruhi Pinky Street!!!
I think I gonna collect the whole set.

Finally have time to open some figures that I bought long time ago. Nekomimi mode!!! =D

They looks small in this pic, but actually they’re not really that small.

Princess Feena (the one on the right) is 1/6 and she is huge! She’s the biggest figure that I have so far.
Arcueid (the one with a staff) is 1/7
Sakura and Mai are 1/8.

Chi’s Sweet Home =)

Shana!!! I really had no idea that she was this small (1/10) when I ordered her. (-___________-.

I always think that I shouldn’t open them and should just put them on ebay since they’re so rare.

My full-of-figures-book-shelf. Didn’t change much, just rearranged a little bit.