Kaitendoh is going to release the Messenger Girl ( メッセンジャーガール ) 1/7 PVC figure form the original character by Atomic-Bom. Will be released in May July 2012, 8,800 yen.

You can order her here

**Original GK by Atomic-Bom**

Here comes the Messenger Girl that we have seen many times at “Atomic-Bom” in many event since WF2011[winter]! Atomic-Bom have 2 bike girls. The one on the left is called “Messenger Girl” ( メッセンジャーガール ), the one on the right is called “Bike & Girl” ( 自転車と女の子 ). I’m not sure if Kaitendoh will release the “Bike & Girl” too. It would be really cool if you can display both of them together. =D