Flowershop ( フラワーショップ ) is going to release the Hoshi ( 星 ) 1/12 bust statue GK from the manga/anime “Arakawa Under the Bridge” ( 荒川アンダー ザ ブリッジ ). Will be released in the Treasure-Festa 2010 in Ariake 3 on May 04, 2010. 1,500 yen. Kit is not per-painted nor assembled.

The booth of Flowershop in WF2010[Winter]

I can’t believe my eyes when I see this Hoshi bust statue GK. Out of all characters he is probably the last one that I would think Flowershop would make. I thought Flowershop would only make moe figures but I’m wrong. XD

**Strip and the metal ring is not included**

Arakawa Under the Bridge OP