Gift is going to release the Angel ( 天使 ) plush from the anime “Angel Beats!” ( エンジェルビーツ ), a joined project of Key, Aniplex, Dengeki G’s Magazine, and P.A. works. Will be released in August 2011. Around 200mm tall, 2,858 yen.

This Angel plush is sooo cute!!! And you can take her wings off and put them on the other plushies. I really want to get her, but it sux that she is coming out on the Dead August. I’ll try to get her on September or October after I recovered from August. Let’s hope that they still have her in stock by that time. (@@.

Off Topic: Here is a good news! Now you can download Angel Beats! ep1 on iTune LEGALLY for free (iTune link here)!!! And you can get the whole series for only $29.99!! But the bad news is it is Eng dub. =/

For those who prefer a hardcopy if DVD or Bluray, you can also perorder it for only $45.99 for Bluray
or $53.99 for DVD. I’m so getting the Bluray even I don’t have a Bluray player as of now! But it’s unbelievable cheap and I really can’t resist!! =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

The mysterious angel who protects order.

From Angel Beats! comes an adorable plushie of the school council president in the afterworld – Tenshi!

Her placid expression has been carefully recreated in plushie form! ♪ Keep the cute little angel by your bedside to keep you company!

**Super Sonico-chan Ver.3 plush sold seperately**

You can put Angel’s wings on another plush! =D

Angel Beats! Trailer