ASCII Media Works (manufactured by GSC) is going to release the Nendoroid Petit Angel ( 天使 ) action figure from the anime “Angel Beats!”, Key, Aniplex, Dengeki G’s Magazine, and P.A. works. Will be released on June 30, 2010, bundled with Dengeki G’s magazine 08. 990 yen (taxed in).

I was going to get this Dengeki G’s magazine just for this Nendoroid Petit Angel. But from the magazine scans we have this month, we know that GSC is going to release the Angel Beats! Nendoroid Petit sets, I’ll skip this Angel and save my money for the sets. =P

Anyway, the Angel Beats! anime is great! When I watch anime, I rarely watch the same episode twice. But for Angel Beats!, it’s just too good and I have to watch each new episode at least 2 times everyweek. For sure it is the best anime this season. A lot of people like Yuri and hate Angel when Angel Beats! started last month. But it seems a lot of people changed side already in this few weeks. I’m an Angel’s fan from the very beginning so I don’t mind people changing side. Whose side are you on? Yuri or Angel? =]

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**Nendoroid Petit Yui sold separately**

Angel Beats! OP