Aquamarine is going to release Tachibana Kanade ( 立華かなで ) Bunny style ( バニーstyle) 1/8 PVC figure from the visual novel “Angel Beats!-1st beat-” ( エンジェルビーツ-1st beat-). Will be released in August 2016. Around 250mm tall, 18,500 yen.

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Here come Angel from Angel Beats!!! But too bad Aquamarine didn’t make the wings for this Angel figure. I like Angel a lot but when I saw the unpainted prototype, I couldn’t recognize her at first glance. I thought she was Index from "A Certain Magical Index". OTL

——Description from Manufacturer——

The angelic Tenshi dressed up in a bunny girl outfit!

From ‘Angel Beats!-1st beat-‘ comes a figure of Kanade Tachibana, also known as Tenshi, dressed up in a bunny girl outfit! Tenshi has been sculpted holding a plate of her favorite food, spicy mapo tofu, with her other hand offering out a spoon of the dish!

The single mouthful of mapo tofu has been realistically sculpted on the spoon, as if just about to spill off the side. She has a cute look on her face with her eyes looking straight ahead with her long hair carefully sculpted and painted with a gentle gradient. The curves of her body and the tight bunny outfit are all faithfully captured to create a charming Tenshi-chan figure for fans to enjoy by their side!