Questioners is going to release the Alice in Neverland ( 永遠の国のアリス ) non-scale Polystone GK from the original character by Ishinaga Sakurako ( 石長櫻子 ) from the GK circle “Syokubutsusyoujyoen” ( 植物少女園 ). Will be released in January 2010. Around 190mm tall, 17,000 yen. Kit is prepainted & completed.

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You can order her here 

I think both of this company “Questioners” and this “Alice in Neverland” figure is really new to most of people. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Questioners,ltd was found in July 2006. According to the profile in their website, they’re doing many different stuff such as toy manufacturing and planning, web comic production and publishing, planning and developing media items, and original furniture design and production. But beside the “Toy” category, I don’t really care about the other stuff they’re doing. =P

Abe Takakazu ( 阿部 高和 ) dakimakura

They didn’t have many figure, the only one they had is the eroge figure “Shiratori Amane” ( 白鳥天音 ) which released in June 2008. Beside figure, they also make character items like dakimakura and apparels. I thnk a lot of people had already seen their most popular dakimakura is the Abe Takakazu ( 阿部 高和 ) which first released in WF2009[summer] by CafeReo. XD

Ishinaga Sakurako

The winning GK “Hagumi Hanamoto” in WSC 2006

That’s all I have to say about Questioners. Now let’s talk about “Alice in Neverland”.”Alice in Neverland” is an original character designed by Ishinaga Sakurako ( 石長櫻子 ) from the GK circle “Syokubutsusyoujyoen” ( 植物少女園 ). I actually had talked about Ishinaga Sakurako before. She is the winner of Wonder Showcase in 2006 with her “Hagumi Hanamoto” figure. And in the recently years she becomes a really popular sculptor because of this “Alice in Neverland “, the “Chizuko in box”, and the “Kanako in cartridge”.

“Chizuko in box” ( 箱入り千鶴子 ) and “Kanako in cartridge” ( 匣入り加菜子 )

Beside her own works in her figure circle, she also sculpt figure for the figure manufacturers. We had seems some of her works before, the recently one was “Elf” by Orchidseed and the “World is Mine” by GSC.

Questioners X Alice in Neverland

Now let’s come back to this “Alice in Neverland” gk by Questioners. Questioners really put a lot of afford on this gk. The crown you see on Alice’s head is actually a 925 silver size 12 ring. For her eyelash, they transplants(?) the hair there one by one. And for the package, they used a cylinder shape can as the package.

As for the quality, this is a cold cast polystone gk so there should be no way to screw up the sculpture like PVC figure. But I’m worry about the paint job since Questioners is pretty new to the figure industary and this is their first GK. But since Questioners put a lot of afford on her I guess there should be no problem about the paint job. =]

Wow, I’m really looking forward to this Alice in Neverland! Too bad she is way too expensive for me. (@@.

Download this wallpaper here (2560×1600)

This is the 925 silver size 12 ring

The images below are from the original GK by Ishinaga Sakurako

Download the uncensored pic here

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Alice in Neverland introduction