The Japanese Red Cross Society just open a blood donation room “akiba:F” near the Akihabara station ( 秋葉原駅 ), in front of Akihabara Electric Town ( 秋葉原電気街 ).

Since it’s in Akiba, you know they’re targeting the people like you and me – Otaku. XD Starting from October 01 2009 to January 08 2009, the akiba:F will be themed with Hatsune Miku! As you can see in the photos, there are a lot of Miku figures and stuff. One thing I’m really interesting in is the 3D projector which you can see it in the youtube video below. I had seen this kind of 3D projection many times before but it always amaze me no matter how many time I have seen it. =D




Official Akiba:F Blood Donation Room homepage

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