Volks Art Display is going to release the Belldandy Holy Bell ( ベルダンディー・ホーリーベル ) 1/6 resin cast GK from the manga/anime “Ah! My Goddess” ( ああっ女神さまっ ). Will be released in Winter 2011. Around 430mm tall, 48,000 yen. Comiket 79 and New Kit Exhibition 2011 exclusive.

There is no information about if this GK is pre-painted or not. But judging from the size and price, I guess it is pre-painted and completed. (don’t quote me on this =P )

Anyway, just like the Komaki Manaka Bishop Ver. PVC figure, you can only pre-order this Belldandy and Holy Bell GK at Comiket 79 from December 29-31, 2010 and New Kit Exhibition 2011 from January 01-10, 2011. But since Volks always re-release their GK in Hobby Round, so maybe you can get her at the next Hobby Round too?