ave;new is going to release the Momoe Paruchu ( ももえ☆ぱるちゅ ) non-scale PVC figure from cover illustration of the ablum “A LA MODE 2 (Chu)” illustrated by POP. Bundled with the ablum “ave;new Project Special Maxi-Single” ( あべにゅうぷろじぇくとスペシャルマキシシングル ). Will be released in August 2010. Around 120mm tall, 7,000 yen.

ave;new booth at Comiket 77

Here is Momoe Paruchu PVC figure that was showed in the ave;new booth at Comiket 77. I’m not sure what ave;new really is. I think they’re one of those kinds of doujin music circle. This Momoe Paruchu is from the cover of their previous album “A LA MODE 2 (Chu)” illustrated by POP. I have no idea what’s the ablum about, but since the character designer is POP, who cares what the album really is? =P

A LA MODE 2 (Chu)

There is no detail information about this figure. They didn’t say anything about the sculptor nor manufacturer. From the prototype images we have here, the detail and quality looks like a small scale trading figure to me (look at her fingers!!!). But in fact, 120mm tall in a position like this should be at least 1/8 scale. But for a non-figure released doujin group, I think this is acceptable.

As for the pricing, the ablum alone costs 1,200 yen, so it’s this figure should be 7,000-1,200= 5,800 yen. I don’t think it’s really worth it. But as a POP fan myself, I really want to add her into my collection. (@@.

Download this wallpaper here (1280×1024)

Fuwa Fuwa Pop Maple Magic!! -CM-