ave;new is going to release the Momoe Paruchu ( ももえ☆ぱるちゅ ) non-scale PVC figure from cover illustration of the ablum “A LA MODE 2 (Chu)” illustrated by POP. Bundled with the ablum “ave;new Project Special Maxi-Single” ( あべにゅうぷろじぇくとスペシャルマキシシングル ). Will be released on February 10, 2011. Around 120mm tall, 4,500 yen.

You can order her here

A LA MODE 2 (Chu)

It sux for those who bought the previous CD bundle just for the figure earlier. Now you can just get this figure without the CD for only 4,500 yen! For those who like alternative color, ave;new will also release a Black Color Ver. in Comiket 79.

Black Color Ver. (click to enlarge)

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Fuwa Fuwa Pop Maple Magic!! -CM-