Nothing really speical here. Just want to show you guys some photo that I took when I went to my friend’s home and played with his toys last week. This friend was the one that bought me into the figure world around 10 years ago. Without him, I don’t think Nekomagic will exist at all. =X

I just took some pic of this display case. He has a lot more toys in the other side which I forgot to take.

Not like me, I’m only into girl figures, but he is into a lot of different kind of toys.

Lucky him, he’s not into PVC figure at all.

It’s show time!

Anybody say yuri? =P

Here is our hero Toro!

Since those four Lucky Star girls aren’t there…

He is doing really good in my friend’s home.

I think this pic is really cool. =D

This pic is kinda creepy.

Now it’s better, lol.

Saber Alter VS Toro!

Toro win! And he takes over Saber’s body!!

muahaha. XD

If you want to show off your toys and your room in Nekomagic, feel free to email me the pic!!