SEGA is going to release the A Channel EX Figure Momoki Run “Run” ( 百木 るん “るん”) non-scale PVC prize figure from the manga/anime “A Channel” ( Aチャンネル ). Will be released in the second week of October 2011, *1,500 yen.

*Due to the nature of prize items, you can win them in game center for 200 yen or just buy them off the shelf. Different stores have different prices set for them, so the price “1,500 yen” is for reference only.

You can order both Run & Toru here

Run (left), Toru (right)

Here comes Run and Toru from A Channel!!! I had pre-ordered them already few months ago and I believe you can still perorder them somewhere now. But for those who want Yuko and Nagi, here is a bad news. According to some online store, SEGA cancelled them few weeks ago. Maybe that’s why we didn’t see them in the Prize Fair. =(

A Channel OP