FREEing is going to release the Shirai Kuroko ( 白井黒子 ) Bunny Ver. ( バニーVer. ) 1/4 PVC figure from the manga/anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun” ( とある科学の超電磁砲 ), a side story of “A Certain Magical Index” ( とある魔術の禁書目録 ). Will be released in May 2013. Around 420mm tall, 17,905 yen.

You can order her here

FREEing really should get some better sculptors. No, I’m not saying this Kuroko is bad. She looks good IMO. But look that that Biribiri, her face is awful. I’m not surprised if she is made by that sculptor from Taki. =(

Oh by the way, the Railgun TV anime season 2 is confirmed. Not sure when will it come out. Probably sometime in Spring or Summer? =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Dressed up as a bunny girl for Mikoto!

From ”Toaru Kagaku no Raingun’ comes a 1/4th scale figure of Kuroko Shirai, the Judgment member who attends Tokiwadai Middle School together with Mikoto Misaka. She is dressed up in a bunny girl outfit with tights made from real fabric, and her trademark twin-tails have been faithfully sculpted together with a sexy pose that really lets her to show off her body!

She comes with two different expressions – her standard expression, as well as a expression with a broad grin across her face, allowing you to choose which expression you prefer! Mikoto Misaka is scheduled to be joining her shortly, so you’ll be able to enjoy both the girls together!

**Misaka Mikoto (right) sold separately**