The 47th Amusement Machine Show ( 第47回アミューズメントマシンショー・プライズ フォトレポート ) was held in Chiba-ken Makuhari Messe ( 千葉・幕張メッセ ) from September 17-19, 2009. This event was mainly for amusement arcade game machines such as video and catcher games so the only figures there were prize figures.

Since there was another prize figure event “17th Prize Fair” in the same building at the same time. There was only one manufuturer, Banpresto, participated in 47th AM Show.

We had seen all the coming soon prize figures in 17 Prize Fair, so there weren’t really anything new to see in this AM Show.(^^.;

Official 47th Amusement Machine Show homepage

via アキバHOBBY