saitomオリジナルキャラクター 保健室の橘さん
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Native is going to release the "Tachibana in the School Infirmary" 1/6 scale Completed figure from the original character by “Saitom”. Will be released in May 2022. Around 185mm tall (with bed), 22,550 yen (taxed in(. Castoffable. Native Store exclusive.
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For those of you who want to get this "Tachibana in the School Infirmary" figure, you can pre-order it at Native Store HERE before September 03, 2021.

—Description from Manufacturer—

Introducing the 4th Original School Girl illustration by the artist Saitom!

Tachibana is an honor student, a famous girl amongst many people. She will accompany you even if you only had a minor injury. The boys in the class are constantly injured and as a member of the school health committee, she’s having complicated feelings.

The school infirmary is the exciting place where it’s only the two of you and you can talk to her alone between boring lessons. It was supposed to be like that until…… it feels quite different today. You can see how she’s blushing, she can’t seem to take her eyes off you and you can even hear her strong heartbeat. The two of you didn’t notice the school bell ringing and the bed continues to squeak….

Following the beloved school girl characters; Natsumi and Miyu.
With a bolder pose than the previous girls before her, it is no doubt she will catch your eyes!

Furthermore, this figure has been made from the collaboration of the sculptor Roin and painter Eimi Hoshina who were also the creators of 「Park Girl」and「Cheer Gal」. We are absolutely confident we can deliver her to you. Grab the chance to have her now!

★ Pre-Order Bonus: Illustrated Postcard by Saitom
★ Included:Infirmary bed


Series Title
Product Line
Creators Collection
1/6 scale
185mm tall (with bed)
Product Type
Completed figure
S/P Roin
Release Date
May 2022
22,550 yen (taxed in(
Castoffable. Native Store exclusive.