Name HENTAI Vol. 03 Youma Ninki Kagura Syokusyu Kaiketsu Black Ver.
Series HENTAI series
Manufacturer Lechery

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As a long time collector of figures, I am no stranger to ero-figures. They will always have a special place in my heart and on my shelves [Lol]. I have collected figures from many different brands to even resin kits such as T’s System, but this is my first foray into Lechery and their line of products.

Today I will be doing a review of Lechery’s HENTAI Series vol.03 Fuumanin Hime – Kagura Shokushu Kaiana Hen Black ver. 1/7 scale. Lets start off with the box, the box is huge, and can only be shipped via EMS.

The contents are packed away using moulded hard styrofoam and soft foam inserts to snugly secure the pieces in place. For this reason, I am happy that Lechery put so much thought into the packaging because of the candy resin used for a large portion of the figure, better safe than shattered. Once opened up, you can see that the figure is actually broken up into many different pieces and need assembly to finish the pose. It may be a packing error or intentional, but my figure did not come with instructions to build the piece, so I had to use my personal expertise and experience to construct it.

The 2 main pieces are the tentacle base and Kagura. Kagura is quite straight forward, attach the arms, head, and volla! She is made of candy resin, so beware of how you handle her, she could shatter if dropped or fall over.

I was amazed at the creative thought process to magnetize her limbs and head, thus allowing fewer parts to be possibly broken during transportation, and some fun during assembly and disassembly.

The tentacle base on the other hand is a little bit troublesome, the base itself is made with candy resin as well, and some of the arms are PVC.

The PVC arms are the ones you can manipulate to allow Kagura to rest on the base but it will require some TLC and patience.

The Ideal way to insert her into the throne is to angle her and slip her into position from the bottom-up into the main tentacle in her manko whilst moving the PVC arms into position at the same time.

The tentacle that sucks on her boob did break off for me due to weak adhesive but nothing some good olde super glue can’t handle after. After manipulating the tentacles around her chest into position, fiddle around with the tentacles on top to put her arms in. The head can be put on without any effort. The ones that wrap around her legs can easily be slipped through and connect via magnets to the base.

I thought that her colouration and paint job was not bad. Contrary to Lechery’s past official photos, I had concerns regarding colouration and painting but I can safely say, its pretty good.

There are small errors here and there but mostly in places which are not noticeable once on the tentacle base.

The textures and colouration of the base is fantastic, one of the more colourful and vivid pieces in my collection. Kagura herself was quite smooth in texture, no miscast or bumpy areas.

All n’ all, I think this was a great figure and certainly worth a look for those interested.

A titillating 4 out of 5.

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