Name I-168 Half-Damage Ver.
Series Kantai Collection
Manufacturer Max Factory
Modeler makai_doki

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  • You can order the original figure here:

Here come four more Makaisou figures today! All of them are made by the modeler makai_doki. He just made another Yuki Mikan which is available in Yahoo auction NOW!! For those of you who are interested, please go ahead and take a look HERE! The auction will be ended in 14 hrs and the price is 11,000 yen currently.

If you still haven’t vote for your favorite breast size, please do so now. =D

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——What is Makaizou?——

For those who are new to “Makaizou” ( 魔改造, “Devil Modification” literally), basically when someone modified a figure (e.g. PVC figure, gashapon/trading figure, GK…etc) by taking out the clothes, adding *important parts, or doing any erotic modification, it’s called “Makaizou”. In short, make a normal figure into a naked/ero figure = Makaizou.

Don’t e-mail me about where to buy Makaizou figures. For those who are interested to buy any kind of Makaizou figures, you can search “魔改造” in Yahoo Auction Japan, Amazon Japan, and Rakuten. Or go ahead and e-mail the modelers directly. You just need to login and you will find the modeler’s website at the bottom of the page. Please don’t ask me about it anymore!! All of this kind of e-mail or message will be ignored!!!

Download the uncensored pic here

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