Orchidseed is going to release the Mammon ( マモン ) Chapter of Greed ~Season of Jyushi Western Swimsuit Black Ver. ( 強欲の章 銃弑ウエスタン水着ノ節 黒色ノ項 ) 1/7 PVC figure from the “The Seven Deadly Sins” series “Dark Lord Apocalypse” ( 魔王黙示録 ) by Hobby Japan. Will be released in November 2016. Around 255mm tall, 13,800 yen for the standard edition, 15,300 yen for the limited edition. Castoffable.

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  • You can order her here:

**Bonus Shower tapestry (730mm x 260mm) for the limited edition**

For those of you who want to get the limited edition for the Mammon bonus Shower tapestry, you can pre-order her at Orchidseed Online Shop HERE before September 26, 2016 with your proxy service.