Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep17 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

I had heard about the negative comment about Tamuken…is this episode really very bad? For drawing, this ep is expectedly bad as I had said before, the art director is the one who draw ep 2. However, this director’s storyboard is good, so far (if I am not wrong) the fight in his ep are interesting. This ep also, the fight is interesting, Hoshina is cool and strong. For the story, I think the most interesting part is Bunbee treats the lion dance as his buddy. It shows he is very lonely in Eternal. Another interesting part is when Nozomi and others see Tamuken’s performance. On the other hand,

I like the character design for Tamuken, as it does look like the real person. Precure is not the first anime that Idol/star involve in an ep. Years ago, Two-Mix involved in an Conan ep (the vocalist is Conan’s voice actor), but the character design for Two-Mix somehow beautified..Nevertheless, I dislike Tamuken’s character. His joke is disgusting to me (and to PC5 and mascots).

What we see in this ep:

  1. Tamuken, but I think Precure fans won’t be happy to see him
  2. How Precure 5 treat Tamuken–Tamuken expects PC5 see him with surprise expression, yet they had no reaction to him (like we see Tamuken)
  3. Bunbee’s loneliness in Eternal–It shows he misses Scorp (I miss Scorp as well)
  4. Nuts’ weird reaction about the lion dance–see the pictorial comments
  5. Bunbee’s lion dance performance–the most funniest part in this ep, also his performance is 100 times better than Tamuken. I like he voice over the lion dance and said “don’t want to go back”, again Bunbee’s voice actor did not follow the script
  6. 6. Coco, Nuts and Syrup are active in this ep. They distribute the flyers (showing their charm to the girlsXD). Syrup saves the lion dance and Coco protects Tamuken. Milk is not active in this ep

Let’s go to pictorial comments

In this pictorial comments, I won’t post many pictures for Tamuken since there are many negative comments on him (I don’t like to post him as well). It will focus on Pc5 and Bunbee.

The important item in this ep

Tamuken distrbute this flyer in the beginning, and then Nozomi brings him to Nuts House:

Let see the how Eternal treat the lion dance:

Anacordy analysis lion dance…what she want to find out from lion dance…? Too bad she doesn’t want to collect lion dance

And this is the real lion dance:

It looks scary even it has not changed to Hoshina…It looks different from the Chinese one

Bunbee does not bear to throw it away, how nice he is…may be Bunbee has good art sense…

How Precure react on lion dance:

Nozomi said lion dance to Shumai (Chinese dim sum)

Is he Nuts who we know? He become excited and said want to protect the traditional art! (too bad Tamuken is not using the lion dance for traditional art) but why Coco is so happy to see Nuts like this

Before going to find Tamuken’s lion dance, Nozomi has to eat hotcake….but the hotcake…

are eaten by these guys! So Nozomi has to find the lion dance with empty stomach…

The way she faints is very odd…

Now is the time for Urara teach us how to advertise:

We should have handsome ‘idols’ distribute the flyers:

Coco, Nuts and Syrup are the samples of handsome ‘idols’.See, Coco and Nuts are aiming the young ladies and Syrup is aiming to the old (around 20s) ladies. Also we should have a “manager” for controlling the queues:

How effective it is? The result can see from Tamuken’s surprise face:

Tamuken, let Coco, Nuts and Syrup teach you what is handsomeXD

After distributing the flyers, Detective Koman appears!

They go back the place where the lion dance lost and find:

Bunbee performs lion dance! Very good performance, but how he know how to dance..

here is what Bunbee said when he dance (roughly translate):

“Things, Things,
This lion dance, which come from ETERNAL–the organisation which collecting many precious things,
It will deliver the great Rose Pact to ETERNAL.
It is not mature enough, but it will try its best.
Let’s start everyone…”

The sentence in this picture (the funniest sentence):

Bunbee: The lion dance said it doesn’t want to go back, “I don’t want to go back”!

Nozomi: Eternal!
Bunbee: How did you know?
Rin: You had said it!

Bunbee: Said it? wh..where did I say it?

Bunbee, you had said twice….see the caps in your sentence..

Later, Bunbee had conflict with Nozomi:

Bunbee: It’s Late!

Nozomi: It’s not late!

If they continue arguing, the ep never ends…

A strong Hoshina appears!

This is not the man does–running away and leave the girls to fight..well, it always happen in PC5 series…

Nozomi asks Coco to protect Tamuken, and he ends up seeing Precure henshin with Tamuken:

Because of Coco, we have the nightmare that Tamuken is the only normal man who knows Precure..

Actually Rin does stop Nozomi to henshin in front of Tamuken, too bad it’s director’s order, they have to henshin in front of the men

How strong Hoshina is? see the following picture:

It can catch Rouge’s fire ball and defense from Aqua’s arrow, but Tamuken convince the lion dance (the lion dance seems can talk in the ep), made Hoshina has expression, and PC5 attack at the same time:

Mint always attack Bunbee with her saucer…Does Mint hate Bunbee so much?

Lastly, Syrup catch the lion dance and change to human form in front of Tamuken (is it ok to do this? but Tamuken has no reaction….because Syrup is male?)

After the fight, Pc5 and mascots are ready to watch Tamuken’s performance:

I found that in this ep, Coco stands beside Nozomi twice:

The following pictures shows their expressions when they see Tamuken on TV:

I think Coco and Nozomi was shocked for Tamuken saying “Precure shooting sucha~” Nuts is so dumb to ask if Tamuken’s performance is traditional art…(if it is, that’s really ruin Japan traditional art)

Lastly, as Milk is not very active in this ep, she perform floating body to us: