Gift is going to release the Kasugano Sora ( 春日野 穹 ) C79 Ver. plush strip from the eroge/anime “Yosuga no Sora” ( ヨスガノソラ ). Will be released in Spring 2011. Around 150mm tall (sitting position), 2,000 yen.


Beside the two Kuroshitsuji plush dolls that I posted earlier, we another 3 plushies from Gift too! Technically they’re not plush dolls, they’re just cellphone strips. But seriously, I never see cellphone strip like this big before.

All 3 of them were first sold at Comiket 79 in the last weekend, and now you can order them from Gift Online Shop on January 09, 2011!! Let’s hope that they are not Gift Online Shop exclusive and will be available in the other stores too. (@@.

Yosuga no Sora anim OP