Bandai is going to release the S.H.Figuarts Milky Rose ( ミルキィローズ ) action figure from the 5th “Precure” anime series “Yes! Precure5 GoGo” ( Yes!プリキュア5 GoGo). Will be released in late August 2010. Around 140mm tall, 4,725 yen (taxed in).

This is Milky Rose, the 6th warrior of Yes! Precre5 GoGo. Out of the six girls in YPC5GG, I like her the most. She is the most powerful one in the group and she is the only one that isn’t human. Come to think of it, she is the only non-human Cure in the 7 years of the Precure history. =D

So far I only see her in Tamashii Web Store, I guess she is Tamashii Web Store exclusive just like S.H.F. Cure Rouge and S.H.F. Cure Mint. For those who want to get her, you can order her at Tamashii Web Store. Beside the Milky Rose figure, Banadi also put extra 5 face parts for the other 5 girls. Sounds good right? But sorry guys, please don’t forget this Milky Rose costs 1,575 yen (after tax) more then the other girls. =/

Milky Rose – transformation and attack