Kurushima is going to release the Yasumi-chan ( やすみちゃん ) Sunday -Ice Cream Colored Summer Holidays- Choco Mint ( サンディ -アイスクリーム色の夏休み- チョコミント ) 1/6 cold cast GK from the original Yasumi-chan Series by Kurushima. Will be released in March 2012. Around 250mm tall, 16,000 yen. Kit will be prepainted an completed.

Yasumi-chan Strawberry, Yasumi-chan Choco Mint, Yasumi-chan Vanilla (left to right)

“Yasumi-chan series” is an original series by Kurushima. There are tons of figures in the Yasumi-chan series but not all of them are Yasumi-chan. There are some other characters like Suzumi and Holiday-chan. But I think Yasumi-chan is still the main character of the series. And it seems to me that she is the mascot of Kurushima.