Proovy is going to release the Chara-Many series ( きゃらめにぃシリーズ ) March! Taneshima Popura Army Set Vol.1 ( 進め!種島ぽぷら軍団セット 1品目) figure set from the manga/anime “Working!!” ( ワーキング!! ). Will be released in March April 2011. Around 50mm tall, 4,280 yen for a set of 9 pieces.

You can order her here

“~Someone~one~one~Someone~one~one~Someone~else~!” LOL, there come the Poplar Army!!! XD I’m not a big fan of Popura tho but she is really cute! This is just “Vol.1 “, so there will be “Vol. 2” or even “Vol. 3”. It would be great if they will make other characters like Misaka Imoto from Railgun. =D

Proovy is a new manufacturer. Don’t be fooled by the series name “Chara-Many”, Proovy have no relationship to the manufacturer Chara-ani as far as I can tell.

Working!! OP