Since we don’t really have any news these days, I’ll just post some not-so-new news for the time being. Here is more detail for the Wonder Showcase. I hope you enjoy it. =]

Official label “Wonder Show Case” of Wonder Festival was established in 1999 as an artistic support system aimed at helping talented young sculptors to reach their full potential. Artisans chosen for the year’s “Wonder Show Case” will be given special attention during the festival, and limited quantities of their masterpieces are sold for high prices to avid collectors.

45 sculptors were promoted in “Wonder Show Case” since 1999, and 2 sculptors were chosen this year. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the label, works of all 47 sculptors featured in the past ten years were exhibited at Wonder Festival 2009 [Summer]. So we’ll show you their masterpieces in chronological order.

Wonder Show Case authority told in the presentation that “Where there are people who want to blossom out as a sculptor, we are lavish with help.” WSC should be a stepping-stone for those who want to master their way.

WSC#001 “W Nightingale” (1999)by Chibisuke Machine(From here on, works without specific mention of anime, manga or game titles are original character/machine designed by the sculptor.)

To demonstrate the improvement of their skills, recent works by the sculptors were displayed beside the pieces chosen for “Wonder Show Case”. This is “Little Lilly type C/M/Y”, a commercial work by Chibisuke Machine for Konami’s Busou Shinki line.

WSC#002 “Keiko Fukuyama BOX” (1999)

by Akihiro Tajima

Featuring characters from manga artist Keiko Fukuyama’s works.

Ruru Enoshima from Hoshi no Shima no Ruru-chan.

Nen-neko Hime from Maboroshi-tani no Nen-neko Hime.

Anzu from Granyu-tou! Daibouken.

There were no recent works of Tajima on display due to the festival’s committee not being able to reach him.

WSC#003 “Nemissa” from Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (2000)

by Atsushi Kobiyama.

Since “Nemissa” could only be sold for one day due to copyright condition, “Sophitia” from Soul Edge was chosen.

WSC#004 “KIMERA 13 ver.WSC” from Thunder Force series (2000)

by Takuya Io

His recent work “VF-1S Strike Battroid Valkyrie: Minmay Guard” from The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?

WSC#005 “Noemi Ito” from eroge With You: Mitsumeteitai (2000)

by Elan Hasumi

Recent work “Yuki Morikawa” from White Album. Unfortunately the sculptor couldn’t find a completed model so it was displayed as a kit.

WSC#006 “Chun-Li (Street Fighter III 3rd Strike – Fight for the Future)” (2000)

by Seiichiro Usui

Recent work “Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)”

WSC#007 “Cornet Espoir (Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure)” (2000)

by Satoshi Toda

Recent work “Fuminori Sakisaka and Saya(Saya no Uta)”

WSC#008 “Peorth (Oh My Goddess!)” (2000)

by Nagiy

Recent work “Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!)”

WSC#009 “Musuca (Blue Submarine No. 6)” (2001)

by Hideki Matsuba

WSC#010 “Jaboughneer Starter Kit” (2001)

by S.A.E.(show-A entertainment)

“Jaboughneer” is an action figure line by S.A.E. based on their original historical/fantasy/sci-fi novel Jaboughneer. You can read an introduction manga here.

Recent work “UGULLA-ZINN-ZAY (Jaboughneer)”

WSC#011 “EAJEILL (DIESTAL)” (2002)

by Masashi Horibayashi.

DIESTAL” is series of original robot/aircraft designed by the sculptor.

Recent work “RIBERIEN (DIESTAL)”.

WSC#012 “Ayame Asagiri” (2002)

by Tom Inabaya.

From dating sim Maboroshi Tsukiya.

Recent work “Bunny Girl Ayase-san Ver1.5” based on an illustration by Uonatelepin.

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