Since we don’t really have any news these days, I’ll just post some not-so-new news for the time being. Here is more detail for the Wonder Showcase. I hope you enjoy it. =]

Official label “Wonder Show Case” of Wonder Festival was established in 1999 as an artistic support system aimed at helping talented young sculptors to reach their full potential. Artisans chosen for the year’s “Wonder Show Case” will be given special attention during the festival, and limited quantities of their masterpieces are sold for high prices to avid collectors.

45 sculptors were promoted in “Wonder Show Case” since 1999, and 2 sculptors were chosen this year. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the label, works of all 47 sculptors featured in the past ten years were exhibited at Wonder Festival 2009 [Summer]. So we’ll show you their masterpieces in chronological order.

Wonder Show Case authority told in the presentation that “Where there are people who want to blossom out as a sculptor, we are lavish with help.” WSC should be a stepping-stone for those who want to master their way.

WSC#030 “United Nation Force Flag Ship Battle Ship ‘Ihatove'” (2006)

by Hirofumi Mori(HIROFUMIX)

Recent work; “JMSDF armageddon ship Yamato Arata”.

WSC#031 “Serina Kisaragi ver 1.2″(from manga “Yaeka no Carte”) (2006)

by Rosanna(Kotestu Hanten)

“Izumi Sawatari”(from “He is My Master”) is displayed as his recent work.

WSC#032 “Ogiue Renko Cosplay Ver.”(from Genshiken) (2006)

by YATUKI(Kotetsu Hanten)

“Saber”(from Fate/stay night) is displayed as a recent work.

WSC#033 “Devy”(from manga “Tilnaflow”) (2006)

by Takeshi Okazaki(Hapoi Dokoro)

“Student No.2 Toko Nakamoto Perfect Ver.” and “Student No.8 Hibari Nakamoto”(from “Nakamoto Festival”) is displayed as a recent work.

WSC#034 “Hagumi Hanamoto”(from Honey and Clover) (2006)

by Iwanaga Sakurako(Vegetative Girls Garden)

“supercell feat. Hatsune Miku: World Is Mine” is displayed as his recent work.

WSC#035 “Ushimitsu” (2006)

by Takenori Yatake(ACCEL)

“Super Mixture Model/Marvel Vs. Rockin’ Jelly Bean Vol.1: Invisible Woman (from Fantastic Four)” is displayed as his recent work.

WSC#036 “Shape of night sky” (2007)

by Kitsutefu(Kikkawa Tefu)

“Galance”(from Kitsu Tefu Vinette “colors/Five Color Mythology” series) is displayed as his recent works.

WSC#037 “Petanko Nurse Penne San(lit. Miss Pennne the flat boobed Nurse)” (2007)

by Akihiro(Chukichiya!)

“Luna Underware Ver”(original character of the website “Ryoji’s Homepage -Attic Work Space“) is displayed as his recent works.

WSC#038 “Kilala Terusumi” (2007)

by Shuji(Hideyoshi)

“Ranka Lee N.A Limited Color Ver.”(from Macross Frontier) is displayed as his recent works.

WSC#039 “Raidou Kuzuha” (from Shin Megami Tensei:Devil Summoner) (2007)

by Benidarou Tenshu

“Protagonist” (from Revelations: Persona) as self recommended model.

WSC#040 “Remilia Scarlet”(from Tohou Koumakyo) (2008)

by Haruki(Genocide Kitten)

“Die Katze”(from the original illustration of Katzeh) as self recommended model.

WSC#041 “Graim Kaiser”(from Blue Comet SPT Layzner) (2008)

by Koji Wakita(cannon)

“Baxinger”(Galactic Gale Baxinger) as self recommended model.

WSC#042 “Rosenmaiden” (2008)

by Yusuke Mazaki(Sazkura Zensen)

“Shin Sonicform of Fate T Haraoun”(from Maho Shojyo Lylical Nanoha Striker S) as self recommended model.

WSC#043 “Hell’s Angels Norika”(from the illustraton on Kani’s website “masked maiden“) (2008)

by Kouji Isumi(R.GLATT-CC)

“Lynx-ish ear girl”(original character of k_ototo) as self recommended model.

WSC#044 “Reimu Hakurei / Marisa Kirisame ver. Nemu Matsukura”(from Touhou Project) (2008)

by Shinpei Yokoshima(Gouhondo)

“Girlfriend”(from manga “Houkago Play”) as self recommended model.

WSC#045 “Pleinair with inner tube WSC ver.” (2008)

by Yukiusa(Cat’s Office)

“Nemuke-san Headphone Ver.”(from the illustration of Mota’s website “motor home“) as self recommended model.

And Nemuke-san Cushion Ver.

WSC#046 “CHORD LINER”(from the original illustration of Range Murata on Seasonal magazine Es [4D STYLE]) (2009)

by Noa(Clips)

At Clips’ booth, there were “CHORD LINER” in other color.

WSC#047 “Alice and Socrates”(from PS2 game Odinsphere) (2009)

by Fio(Reply From…)

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