Orchidseed is going to release the Amaha Masane ( 天羽雅音 ) 1/7 resin GK from the anime “Witchblade” ( ウィッチブレイド ). Will be released in Wonder Festival 2009 [summer] on July 26th, 2009, 10,000 yen (tax in).WF2009[summer] exclusive. Kit is not painted nor assembled.

Finally we have the painted photo for this Amaha Masane GK. But I’m really disappointed by the paint job. It seems that Orchidseed tried to rush thing out before WF2009 [summer]. The paint job is sooooooo plain. No shadow, no shading, no highlight. It looks like one of those Taki figure. Well I know this is a GK, it’s not painted when you buy them anyway. But this bad paint job makes me really not interested in this GK anymore. Let’s hope that Orchidseed will have a better paint job one when they release the PVC version. =(

Witchblade anime OP

Official Witchblade anime homepage

via OrchidSeed