Akita Shoten is going to release the Weekly Shounen Champion 40th Anniversary Project ( 週刊少年チャンピオン40周年企画 ) Burning Moe Tsukiro Collection Figure ( 燃えて萌えつきろ! コレクションフィギュア ) trading figure from the manga magazine “Weekly Shounen Champion” ( 週刊少年チャンピオン ) published by Akia Shoten. Will be release on March 19, 2010. Each figure around 50-60mm tall. 12 pieces per box, 5,715 yen. Total 12 kinds + 1 secret.

I don’t read many Shounen manga so I don’t know some of the characters in this figure set. This is actually my first time to see that Might Heart girl (the one with 2 police light thingies on her head). Out of all these characters here the Ika Musume is my farovite character. She is really cute (and stupid). Out of the five volumes of the manga.have been published so far, I only have the first two volumes. Anyone know any manga group is translating it? =P

I’m too lazy to look for the English name for them so I’ll just put down their Japanese name here. If anyone who know the English of them, please write it down in the “comment” and I’ll update this post.

  • 丸井みつば(みつどもえ)

  • 獅子堂美華(ギャンブルフィッシュ)

  • 舞島心断罪天使マイティハート(マイティハート)

  • イカ娘(侵略!イカ娘)

  • イカ娘・色替えVer.(侵略!イカ娘)

  • 範馬刃牙(範馬 刃牙)

  • 範馬刃牙・色替えVer.(範馬 刃牙)

  • 葉隠覚悟(覚悟のススメ)

  • 春巻龍(元祖!浦安筋肉家族)

  • 白銀本気(本気!)

  • 秋山醤(鉄鋼のジャン!R頂上作戦)

  • アクメツ(アクメツ)

  • Secret