For those who have me in your Facebook or Twitter, you should already know what happened. For those who don’t, here is the story. We got hacked and some Malicious scripts were added in some pages at around 5:10pm PST on May 10, 2011. I noted it at around 6:50pm PST and took the site offline and tried my best to fix it.

Note: Please scan your computer for infection!

I upgraded and reinstalled the whole website and everything back up at around 8pm PST. The site came backup clean but Google added me to their black list because they detected those malicious scripts. Because of that, those broswers which were related to Google or some sort (Chrome, Firefox, Opera..etc, IE and Safari were fine) were not able to visit

I filed a review request to Google to release us form the black list at around 10pm PST. I didn’t know how long it took them to release us from the list. But when I checked at around 10:30am PST May 11, Nekomagic came back up!

For those who did visit us between 5pm – 8pm PST on May 10, please scan your computer for infection. For those who visited after 8pm PST, you should be fine. But just in case, please scan your computer too. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.