Volks Hobby Event – Hobby Round 1 is the first Volks hobby event. It was held in Akihabara Hirose Wireless building 5 floor ( 秋葉原 廣瀬無線ビル5F ) in May 23-24, 2009. Maybe it was because of the limited space, Volks had to divide their exhibition into 2 days. Day one (May 23) is “Figure Day” which feature girl figures only. Day two (May 24) is “Mecha Day” which mainly feature robots and the characters from Muv-Luv Alternative.

You can download the original size pic here

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For your information, the next Hobby Round will be held in Ikebukuro on September 20, 2009. If you’gre going to Japan in September this year, maybe you can go and take a look. =]

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