Good Smile Company is going to release the Character Charm Collection: Love Plus Cat Rinko ( ねこリンコ ), Bunny Manaka ( うさマナカ ), Tanuki Nene ( ぽんぽこネネ ) from the DS game “Love Plus” ( ラブプラス ) by Konami. Will be released in March 2010. Around 30mm tall, 476 yen each.

Anybody read the news about “Japanese guy married a video game girl”? I know Japanese Otaku are crazy but I don’t expect they will do something like this. The *girl that he married is Nene from Love Plus. Yes, he married the tanuki, lol. Maybe some other crazy Nene fan will murder him one day.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Keep your girlfriend by your side all the time!

From the popular dating simulation game ‘Love Plus’ comes character charms of all three of the main heroines, each wearing the various animal suits that appeared throughout the game.

Nene Anegasaki is wearing a tanuki suit, Manaka Takane is in a bunny suit and Rinko Kobayakawa is of course wearing a cat suit – all just as adorable as they appeared in the game.

You can attach them to your DS, your cellphone, or even just keep them with you at all times – you can be together with your ‘girlfriend’ even more often now!

Kobayakawa Rinko

Cat Rinko ( ねこリンコ )

Takane Manaka

Bunny Manaka ( うさマナカ )

Anegasaki Nene

Tanuki Nene ( ぽんぽこネネ )

Japanese guy married Nene