Good Smile Company is going to release the trading figure of ToHeart, ToHeart2, and Comic Party by Leaf/AQUAPLUS on July 2008. Around 80-100mm tall, 800 Yen each.

Never watch the anime nor play the eroge of above titles. But I know they are good, especially ToHeart (written in “ToHeart” as one single word, not “To Heart” in two words). ToHeart is the one that change the whole eroge history! Before ToHeart, all the eroge were strongly base on sexual scene. All you needed to do was go around in the game and having sexy with girls. There were no storylines at all. But ToHeart was different, it was strongly base on the storyline, sexual scene was just a side dish. The story of ToHeart was so touching especially the HMX-12 Multi story. So many people cried for her.

As for ToHeart2 and Comic Party, I know nothing about them, lol. =P

Yuzuhara Konomi (TH2)
柚原 このみ

Komaki Manaka (TH2)
小牧 愛佳

Maryn (TH2XRATE)

HMX-12 Mulit (TH)
HMX-12 マルチ

Kamigishi Akari (TH)
神岸 あかり

Takase Mizuki (CP)
高瀬 瑞希

Ooba Eimi (CP)
大庭 詠美

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