Encounter some error in the site for the past couple days. Now everything is fixed! Um… well, not really everything, I have to giveup something in order to make the site works again. But no big deal, just the loading time is slower, it’s better than the whole site not working.

Don’t know if anybody notice, the “Similar Items” list was gone over the last couple days. Here is the story:

April 10
1) Upgraded to “Similar-Posts” 2.5b16 and “Post-Plugin Library” (can’t remembered the version, I think it was 2.5b17). Things started to go wrong. The site couldn’t load at all (got error 500)

2) “Deactivate” both “Similar-Posts” and “Post-Plugin Library” in the plugin menu and the site worked again.

3) Tried to “Activate” both plugins in the plugin menu and it worked for awhile and error 500 showed up again.

4) I thought there might be something wrong with the cache so I “disable” the wp-cache (“disable” it in wp-cache setting, not “deactivate” in the plugin menu)

5) Neko Magic finally showed up again but the right hand side widget and the footer didn’t showup. So I “deactivate” both “Similar-Post” and “Post-Plugin Library” plugins and called it a day.

April 11
1) Got Rob’s emails. He is the developer of the “similar post” and “post-plugin library” plugins. I installed the newer version file he sent me but it still didn’t work.

2) Tried to roll back to the old version that “similar post” and “post-plugin library” were still working. but only found the old version (2.5b14) of similar-post in my HDD. Installed it and still didn’t work. I was like “what the heck?” So I gave up.

3) In this stage, I was sure that the problem was post-plugin library.

April 12-13
Weekend, didn’t do anything

April 14
1) Saw the new “Similar Post” 2.5b20 and “Post-Plugin Library” 2.5b21 were out. Upgraded them right away and gave them a try. But same thing happened, worked for awhile and didn’t work again.

2) Something in my mind told me that there might be something wrong with the “wp-cache”.

3) Checked the “wp-cache” out and found that it will refresh the cache of the blog every 3600 sec. Yes!! That was it!!! That was the reason why the site g will worked for awhile but will not work again after!

4) “Deactivate” wp-cache in the plugin menu and everything worked! Had to “Deactivate” it!! Just “Disable” it was not enough, have to “Deactivate” it. Now everything worked. =)


So in order to make the “Similar Items” in every post works, I gave up the “wp-cache” which will decrease the loading time of the site a lot. But I have to gave it up. Without the “Similar Items” listed, the site’s viewed pages went down a lot. Dropped around 50%. Bye Bye wp-cache, I missed you so much but I have to let you go. =’)

End of story.