Toy’s works is going to release the Toy’s works collection 2.5 Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko ( トイズワークスコレクションにいてんご 電波女と青春男 ) trading figure “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko” ( 電波女と青春男, Electric Wave Woman and Vernal Man) Will be released in July 2012. Around 61mm tall, 648 yen each, 7,772 yen for a BOX of 12 pieces. 10 kinds + 1 secret in total.

You can order her here

Oh no, beside Auntie Meme, I want all of them!! Too bad they don’t have Hoshimiya Yashiro.

I just watched the whole Denpa Onna anime again and I love it. Come to think of it, I haven’t finish the light novel yet. I still have 3-4 volumes to go. I think I’ll try to finish it after I finish the lastest Index light novel. XD

  • Sumakin bonyari Ver. ( スマキン ぼんやりVer. )

  • Sumakin shonbori Ver. ( スマキン しょんぼりVer. )

  • Alien Erio ( 宇宙人エリオ )

  • Swimsuit Erio unaji Ver. ( 水着エリオ うなじVer. )

  • Swimsuit Erio shiny hair Ver. ( 水着エリオ 髪の毛キラキラVer. )

  • Swimsuit Ryushi tawawa Ver. ( 水着リューシ たわわVer. )

  • Swimsuit Ryushi high tension Ver. ( 水着リューシ ハイテンションVer. )

  • Plushie Maekawa-san onigiri Ver. ( 着ぐるみ前川さん おにぎりVer. )

  • Plushie Maekawa-san ipponzuri Ver. ( 着ぐるみ前川さん 一本釣りVer. )

  • Meme-chan delusion of summer Ver. ( 女々ちゃん 夏の幻想Ver. )