Toy’s works is going to release the Toy’s works collection 2.5 Deluxe Shukufuku no Campanella ( 祝福のカンパネラ ) trading figure from the eroge/anime/manga “Shukufuku no Campanella” ( 祝福のカンパネラ -la campanella della benedizione- ). Will be released in July 2011. Around 65mm tall, 743 yen each, 8,915 yen for a Box of 12 pieces. 9 kinds + 1 secret in total.

We just have some very horrible figures earlier now let’s have something moe and cute to balance it out. Here comes the Toy’s works collection 2.5 Deluxe Shukufuku no Campanella trading figure!!! =D The Shukufuku no Campanella anime is just so-so in my opinion but the BD/DVD extra is GREAT!!! Even if you aren’t interested in the anime, you should still check out the BD/DVD extra. =9

Minette, Carina Verritti, Chelsea Arcot, Agnes Boulange, Ritos Tortilla, Salsa Tortilla

If my memory serves me right, Volks had released all of the Shukufuku no Campanella heronies in GK but there are no PVC figure in the market yet. For those who like Shukufuku no Campanella but couldn’t get the GK, maybe you can get this trading figure set for now and hope for the PVC figure release later. =P

All of the Shukufuku no Campanella girl are really really cute and I like them a lot. Personally I like Minette (DFC), Agnes (DFC), and Ritos the most, how about you? =D

  • Minette ( ミネット )

  • Carina Verritti ( カリーナ・ベルリッティ )

  • Chelsea Arcot ( チェルシー・アーコット )

  • Agnes Boulange ( アニエス・ブーランジュ )

  • Salsa Tortilla ( サルサ・トルティア )

  • Ritos Tortilla ( リトス・トルティア )

  • Minette Cartoon Ver. ( ミネット ぽんち絵Ver. )

  • Carina Verritti Cartoon Ver. ( カリーナ・ベルリッティ ぽんち絵Ver. )

  • Chelsea Arcot Cartoon Ver. ( チェルシー・アーコット ぽんち絵Ver. )

Shukufuku no Campanella OP3