quesQ is going to release the The Girl of Knowledge and Shadow ( 知識と日陰の少女 ) Patchouli Knowledge ( パチュリー・ノーレッジ ) non-scale PVC figure from the doujin danmaku shooting game series “Touhou Project” ( 東方プロジェクト ) by the circle Team Shanghai Alice ( 上海アリス幻樂団 ). Will be released in March 2010. Around 140mm tall, 6,000 yen.

Patchouli is super MOE!!! I love her so much and she is my one of my farovite girls (along with Alice) in Touhou. Just like all the other Touhou stuff, she will be only available at some online stores and doujin stores. I wish I could get my hand on her. ='(

Patchouli’s spell card – “Sun Sign” Royal Flare