Good Smile Company is going to release the Nendoroid No.92 Kirisame Marisa ( 霧雨魔理沙 ) from the doujin danmaku shooting game series “Touhou Project” ( 東方プロジェクト ) by the circle Team Shanghai Alice ( 上海アリス幻樂団 ). Will be released in February 2010. Around 100mm tall, 3,000 yen (tax in)

You can order her here

Oh, thank you GSC, here is another figma and Nendoroid that there is no way we people who live outside of Japan can our hands on. For those who are not familiar with Touhou, because of the licensing agreement, all Touhou products can only be sold online as doujin products or be sold at doujin stores like Toranoana and Animate. For those who want to use proxy service, you can get her in the following stores

Finally I started to play Touhou 12.3 “Unthinkable Natural Law” ( 東方非想天則 ) which was released in August. It is a fighting game instead of the traditional Touhou shooting game. For those who want to try Touhou but bad in shooting game, you may want to try it. =]

——Description from Manufacturer——

The witch who lives in the Forest of Magic.

From the ‘Touhou Project’ series by the doujin circle ‘Team Shanghai Alice’, comes a Nendoroid of Reimu’s friend – the witch, Marisa Kirisame!

All of her prominent features, from her black pointed witch’s hat and contrasting white apron, to the broom she holds in her hands, have all been converted into her adorable Nendoroid form!

An additional smiling expression is included in addition to her normal face, and she also comes with the ‘Eight Trigrams Furnace’ so you can even recreate her preforming her signature attack, ‘Master Spark’!

**Hakure Reimu Nendoroid sold separately**

TH12.3 Marisa VS Yukari

Official Team Shanghai Alice homepage

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