Banpresto is going to release the KyunChara The Idol Master ( The iDOLM@STER ) Futami Ami (双海亜美) , Miura Azusa ( 三浦あずさ ), and Minase Iori ( 水瀬伊織 ) non-scale Prize figure from the game series/anime “The Idol Master” ( The iDOLM@STER ). Will be released in the fourth week of January 2012. Around 60mm tall, *1,000 yen each.

*Due to the nature of prize items, you can win them in game center for 200 yen or just buy them off the shelf. Different stores have different prices set for them, so the price “1,000 yen” is for reference only.

Futami Ami, Miura Azusa, and Minase Iori (left to right)

Here comes Futami Ami, Miura Azusa , and Minase Iori from the popular unit “Ryugu Komachi”! Recently I found that it is very very hard to find a place to buy prize figure by Banpresto. All the stores that I always buy figure from don’t not carry the new Banpresto prize figure anymore. I wonder what happened. =(

Guess what? My right arm is almost fully recovered! I can finally move my arm freely like before, just a little bit hurt if I move my arm too fast. =D Now I can finally reach my keyboard and mouse without any problem, yeah! \(^^./

  • Futami Ami (双海亜美)

  • Miura Azusa ( 三浦あずさ )

  • Minase Iori ( 水瀬伊織 )

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