Toranoana (manufactured by Kotobukiya) is going to release the Usami Hal ( 宇佐美ハル ) 1/8 PVC figure from the adult Visual Novel “The Devil on G-String” ( G線上の魔王 ) developed by Akabeisoft2. Will be released in November 2009. Around 100mm long, 5,500 yen (tax in) for the standard version, 6,000 yen (tax in) for the special phone card version.

I hope I’m not the only one think that the “G-String” in the title of “The Devil on G-String” is refering to the heroines’ underwears. The “G-String” actaully refers to the classical music “Air on the G String” by August Wilhelmj (I hope I spell his name right). Anyway, although Toranoana doesn’t say it, since I can’t see this lovely Usami Hal figure another where in the order stores, I think she is Toranoana exclusive. =/

This is the illustration on the phone card.

The Devil on G-String OP

Official The Devil on G-String homepage

via Toranoana