How do you guys like the BeFA, Best Figures Awards? It is an annual event but I know a lot of people think that once a year is not enough. So here I’m proud to present “the best FIGURE AWARDS” (, the official figure awards website!

  • What is “the best FIGURE AWARDS”?

“the best FIGURE AWARDS” will be launch on April 01, 2011 (no, it’s not April fool, it’s real!) officially. It is a website for you to vote for your favorite figures. Basically they give out three kind of awards – the Best Figure of the Month, which happens every month, Best Figure of the Year, which happens every year and the Best Figure of All Time which also happens every year. And the best thing is anyone, not only the committee, can nominate your own favorite figure!! And you can vote up to three (3) figures per session, per IP, per 24 hours.

  • Figure Giveaway!!

Beside letting you to nomiante and vote for your favorite figures, they will also giving out the winning figure to a lucky registered voter who voted for the winning figure FREE!!! For example, if you voted for a Momohime figure and it won as the best figure of the month/year/all time, you will receive a Momohime figure as a prize from “the best FIGURE AWARDS”. Isn’t it cool? =D

  • More Detail

For more detail, please visit “the best FIGURE AWARDS” website at Once you’re there, you will see a lovely “Sponsored by” banner there. XD

——FAQ from “the best FIGURE AWARDS”——

  • Who can vote?
    Anyone who has access to the internet can vote.
  • How/Where can I vote?
    In the homepage (, you can conveniently find a good-sized blue ‘VOTE’ button, or, alternatively, you can also click here to vote.
    You don’t need to register to vote, though to be eligible in the prize giveaways and other contests, you need to register. Registration is quick and free! Just fill up the form here.
  • What figures can I vote?
    A list of nominees are listed in our Voting Area. All of the figures listed there are nominated by people like you so if you don’t see the figures that you want to vote on, you can nominate it/them here! Please make sure to nominate and/or vote for the ones you think are the “best”.
  • The figures I want are not in the list, can I nominate them?
    Yes! We encourage everyone to nominate for figures who they think are worthy enough to be in the list. Nominate them here. We will contact you and let you know whether the figure you voted was accepted or not. The official list will be updated a couple of times a day so please check back to see if they have been added.

    Other people can also vote on the figures you nominated.
  • What are MOE Points?
    MOE Points or ‘MOEP’ is a point-system/currency used by At the moment, it’s still in beta stage with no real use. In future plans/updates, MOEP will be used for certain promos, contests, giveaways, etc. You can earn MOEP by logging in everyday, posting comments and participating in the polls (nominating and voting).

    Don’t worry, before we implement the use of MOEP, everybody’s MOEP will be reset back to zero (0).
  • I was greeted by this when I visited, is there something wrong?
    No! Don’t worry, that’s a safety feature we use to prevent bots and spammers ruining our website. It also makes everyone’s browsing experience safe by preventing posting links that lead to harmful malwares, etc.If you want to know more about this feature, click here.
  • The website looks messed up or I get an error when voting, what should I do?
    Does your browser show the website messed up? Or do you get a “Your last request is still being processed. Please wait a while…” error when trying to vote? Then follow the instructions shown here.
  • I still have questions, how can I contact you guys?
    First and foremost, we apologize for not providing an answer to your question in our FAQ section in the first place. But, you can contact us in two ways – ask your question on the comment/reply section below or through our contact page here.