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2021/06 release Plastic model

Frame Arms Girl – Magatsuki [Kikka] non-scale plastic model kit by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya is going to release the Frame Arms Girl ( フレームアームズ・ガール ) Magatsuki [Kikka] ( マガツキ[橘花]) non-scale plastic model kit from the Kotobukiya series “Frame Arms Girl” ( フレームアームズ・ガール ). Will be released in June 2021. Around 162mm tall, 6,400 yen. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed.

18+ Coming Soon

(18+) Coming Soon – May week 3, 2020

Welcome back from the Golden week everybody! As most of us expected, the WF2020[autumn] is cancelled. And Megahoby Expo 2020 Spring is postponed from this month to August 29. There is still no word for Ero Hobby from Native. Hopefully they will still have it this year. Thank you Erik for your donation! If you …